Dinosaur Habitat 3D Screensaver

Dinosaur Habitat 3D Screensaver

Dinosaur Habitat Screensaver takes you on a journey to the past
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Get ready to embark on a journey to the past.
But I mean past! You are about to visit the land of the king of the animals on Earth: The dinosaur.
One can just stop and imagine what it would have been like to live in that time.
A time when these giant creatures roamed freely and ruled the face of our planet.

Dinosaur Habitat Screensaver takes you on a journey to the past.

This awesome screensaver will immediately transport you to the typical scene of that era.
Large open plains, a couple of volcanoes, a swamp or a lake, and dinosaurs.
You will be able to see some of the most known dinosaurs in the world.
And it will not be a still scene with the image of frozen animals.
This screensaver is completely animated. You will see pterodactyls flying around the place, maybe looking for something to eat. Their image causes you to stare at it in awe, watching the peculiar figure of this prehistoric bird.

On land, standing gently in the middle of the lake, the very familiar brontosaur. Well-known in movies, this is an herbivore that is supposed to be harmless to man.
Even if they are usually motionless, you will be able to see them as they chew on something. All of a sudden, they plunge their heads in the water, and come out with something new to eat.
The scene is so realistic that you almost feel the moisture of the plants around you

The screensaver includes a very nice relaxing music. In my personal opinion, I would have liked it with something that made me feel more excited. However, after a while, watching the beautiful scene, and listening to the music, I really started to relax.
And in case you didn't like its music, it offers you the option to listen to your own playlist.
So anyway you look at it, you will probably enjoy watching these magnificent animals in the comfort of your living room or office.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very realistic scene
  • The dinosaurs look great


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